Epomaker Keyboard Video Reviews 2022 April: TH80, TH66, AK84S

Epomaker Keyboard Video Reviews 2022 April: TH80, TH66, AK84S

by Freya Tong on May 30, 2022

Epomaker AK84S: Full metal (and wireless) 75% Review - by IO Sam April 2, 2022


 “Its 75% layout is of the more traditional compact type, meaning you have no separation between the clusters of function and navigation keys, which means you keep almost all the same keys you'd get on a TKL but on an area that is just one column wider and taller than popular 60% boards. It has a hybrid mounting system that uses usual tray mounting screw posts on the bottom of the case that go through holes on the PCB and attach directly to the FR4 plate. ”



The Underrated Budget Pre-Built Keyboard | Epomaker TH66 Unboxing & Review - by Kwoall April 8, 2022



“The plate design for this keyboard is quite unique tho. I think the plate is made from steel because it is thicker than aluminum. ...  They also include the plate foam for this keyboard. If you guys are wondering if this keyboard is hotswap? yes.. it is fully hotswappable.”

Epomaker TH80 75% Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard Review - by AngelPGC April 17, 2022


“This is a 75% layout that has an additional knob that allows you to control more settings on your keyboard easily. It also has 80 keys equipped with four arrow keys and other basic keys. The knob on the top right is a very useful addition for controlling music. If you are like me and listen to spotify multiple times a day, you would understand the comfort of being able to mute and adjust the volume without having to change the tabs.” 


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