Epomaker 2022 Spring Festival Sales Announcement

Epomaker 2022 Spring Festival Sales Announcement

によって Agnes Du オン Jan 14, 2022

Epomaker Spring Festival Sales Event


Greetings everyone! Lunar New Year is on the corner, and we wish everyone happiness, health, and prosperity in the coming Tiger Year! 


The Epomaker 2022 Spring Festival Sales will officially start from 00:00 28th Jan to 23:59 7th Feb 2022 (GMT+8). All orders placed during this sale will only be processed after we are back from this CNY holiday period. Products that have a discount will automatically be discounted during the sale too. 


In China, there’s a tradition of giving money warped in red envelopes during the spring festival, to express love and good wishes. We would also like to express our appreciation by launching the Spring Festival giveaway! 


 Epomaker.com Giveaway 14th - 27th, Jan 2022

We are giving away our newly created Shallow Gasket keyboards, a set of keycaps, plus a $15 Epomaker.com Voucher X 15 to 18 lucky winners! Click here to join!


Epomaker Lite Earl Gray Keyboard X1

Epomaker Lite Theory Keyboard X1

Epomaker ABS Keycaps Set X1

Epomaker Voucher $15 X15


With the gratitude for our community, we are giving away the newly-launched keyboard- Epomaker LITE! Plus Epomaker keycaps sets, and Epomaker.com vouchers valued up to $15 to lucky winners! Join us NOW!


Spring Festival Sales: From 00:00 28th Jan to 23:59 7th Feb 2022 (GMT+8)

Storewide 10% Discount

Enjoy a storewide discount on the holiday! No more fussy calculations, all the products are automatically discounted. Mind the countdown reminder of the deal before it’s gone! 

 *Some products and accessories are excluded from the 10% off discounts. Check the rules and disclaimer for more information.

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Rules and Disclaimer

  1. All orders placed between 00:00 27th Jan and 23:59 6 Feb 2022 (GMT+8) will be shipped out after the end of the event (7 Feb, 2022). 

  2. All sales products, including but not limited to vouchers and sale products are available until they are out of stock.

  3. Shipping options may be limited to standard or express, depending on your location.

  4. The vouchers issued during the sales events can not be applied to new arrivals, cables, switches, keycaps, and special sales products (including but not limited to, Epomaker AK84S, Epomaker NT68, Epomaker B21, Ajazz K620T V2, etc.)

  5. Epomaker is entitled to cancel any order trying to exploit the coupon/reward system without notice.

  6. Epomaker reserves all the rights.