New Epomaker Ajazz K870t Hotswap Ver. Giveaway

New Epomaker Announcement (Giveaway Alert!)

によって Agnes Du オン Apr 08, 2021


Dear Epomaker Supporter, 

The New Year 2021 comes, and it’s a great year for new beginnings.  

You may have noticed that we have been using a new logo in our discord for a while. In addition to it, we have been working on the new website, new products, new campaigns for a few months.

Epomaker New Logo

Today we at Epomaker are thrilled to give you a glimpse into our new future - the new Epomaker! Our goal is always to provide you an easier, faster, and more delightful shopping experience. 

The website is created based on feedback and suggestions from the Epomaker community. It features a refreshed look, improved navigation, and handful features that will improve the overall experience whether on your mobile, tablet, and desktop. We also want to help our new fans to get to know the fascinated mechanical keyboard world. That's why we develop some new blog sections! Here we’ll be publishing regular content on the topics that help our community, including how to choose switches, gift guides, keycap profile introduction, and more. 

We’re not finished yet! The site that you are using now is a “version 1.0” that shows the overall design direction and look-and-feel. We plan to add more features and services to it, such as deep customization of a mechanical keyboard - you will be able to customize everything you want, materials, colors, layouts, keycap profiles… you name it!  

On top of the site, we are more than happy to introduce more awesome products to you, such as our new release Ajazz K870T Hotswap Ver, our upcoming Epomaker AK84S, and the Retro B21,. 

We are extremely interested in what you think so please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts. To express our gratitude as well as celebrating the new start of Epomaker, we launch a New Epomaker Giveaway Event! 

Duration: from 9th to 24th April

Totally 12 lucky winners will be selected.

Rewards will include:

Epomaker Ajazz K870T Hotswap Ver Keyboard x2

Epomaker $30 vouchers x10

On top of that, everyone who signs up to join the giveaway will win an instant $3 voucher. If you invite 1 friend to join, you will win one more $5 voucher. Don't forget to copy the code for your instant voucher! We may not be able to help you retrieve it if you lost the code. 

Important notice: the more entries you earn, the more likely you win the biggest reward. If you couldn't find the giveaway on the top of this announcement, CLICK HERE TO JOIN! 

Have fun and good luck!


With tremendous love,

Epomaker Team