Epomaker Keyboard Video Reviews - July 2022: Ajazz AK816, Firstblood B67, Ajazz AC081

Epomaker Keyboard Video Reviews - July 2022: Ajazz AK816, Firstblood B67, Ajazz AC081

によって Freya Tong オン Sep 06, 2022

Ajazz AK816 75% Gasket Hot-Swappable Keyboard Review - by AngelPGC, July 17, 2022

 “This is a 75% that has an additional knob that allows you to control more settings on your keyboard easily. It also has 80 keys equipped with full arrow keys and other basic keys, like delete, page up, page down and home... So this is a gasket mounted keyboard: you have silicone, a metal plate, Poron sandwich cotton between the plate and PCB, and Poron cotton between the PCB and bottom case. The knob at the upper right is a very helpful addition for adjusting music. You would appreicate the convenience of being able to mute and modify the level to make it louder simply turn the knob and vice versa. ”


This New Keyboard is kind of insane (Firstblood B67)- by CGBuild, July 18, 2022

 “So as you see, it's a full see-through case (with) full acrylic, and then you can see the keycaps. They feel really well-made. They have a good sound profile... The legends are goldish which isn't my favorite, but they still look really good.. This is the black one, and you see it has a very thick edging all the way around the keyboard. ”


Ajazz AC081 | The Heavily Underrated 75% - by YBBK, Jul 24, 2022

 “This board uses an exploded 75% layout which I much prefer over the compact one. With the F-row and arrow keys isolated, in my opinion, it's much nicer to look at and use. On the right side of the board, you've probably noticed the pink engraved cat paw badge, which is also CNC Aluminum, and a triangle design underneath, which actually lights up when plugged in. I think these two components add to the static and give the board a more premium look.”