Everglide SK68 Kit

65% Gasket Mount Hot-Swappable Bluetooth Wireless & Type-C Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard DIY Kit

  • ANSI layout, 65% DIY Keyboard Kit
  • Gasket-Mounted with a Poron Foam
  • Refinely-Tuned Screw-in Stabilizers
  • Hotswappabe with 3-pin & 5-pin Mechanical Switches
  • SMD RGB Lights & Shine-through Case with Type-C/Bluetooth Connection

Note: the keyboard needs to be waken by double clicking the spacebar from a sleep.

Preorders will be shipped in 7-10 business days.

Clear Black (Shine-through)
Frost White (Shine-through)
Pink Gold
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販売価格 $149.00 定価

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A 65% DIY Kit From Everglide

After the success in crafting high-quality switches and stabilizers, Everglide has released its own DIY kit - SK68. The keyboard adopts the popular 65% size to be compact but retaining all necessary keys like arrows and cursor keys. Featuring all-ABS and improved gasket-mounted structure with sound dampening foams, Everglide SK68 is heading up to presenting an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience with a shine-through case.

Gasket-Mounted, Poron Foam & Carbon Plate

To go for a soft typing feeling, Everglide SK68 is assembled in gasket mount. Unlike the general gasket structure without any screws in the plate, Everglide remains the screws to increase the consistency when typing. As to the plate, the carbon is firmly-built. As for presenting better typing sounds, the keyboard is inserted with Poron as the PCB foam. You can actually feel the thocky sound in every corner of this keyboard!

Hotswappable & Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

The keyboard kit is designed with Kailh PCB sockets. The PCB is hotswappable with 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. You can change the switches at will without soldering issues. With rechargeable 6000mAh battery, the efficient Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows the keyboard to connect up to three devices seamlessly.

Tuned Screw-in Stabilizers

Screw-in stabilizers are often considered as an effective way to prevent rattling on large keys like spacebars and modifiers. This DIY kit is equipped with Everglide V2 PCB Stabilizers, which work with MX-compatible PCBs and greatly decrease typing noise. Being ‘pre-clipped’, it aims to eliminate feet clipping, while the outer casings are specially shaped to prevent threads from stripping. Now you can build your exclusive mechanical keyboard with this DIY kit!

Built-in SMD RGB Lights & Stable Type-C Connection

With the SMD LEDs, RGB light effects are classic and neat, and you can freely adjust the brightness and light speed. To stay a fast and stable transmission, the keyboard is connected by a detachable type-C cable. More than that, the keyboard supports USB 3.0 connection to be efficient and fast charging.

Note: When the keyboard is under the wireless mode, USB 3.0 connection might cause interference in transmitting signals.

Technical Specifications

Everglide SK68 Kit
Keys Amount
68 Keys
Stabilizer Type
PCB Type
Hotswap PCB
Plate Material
Battery Capacity
PCB Type
Hotswap PCB
Type-C Wired & Bluetooth Wireless
Anti-Ghost Key
NKRO in all modes
320.5 x 120 x 30 mm
Around 0.65kg
Inside the box
  • Keyboard Customized Kit (PCB, Mounted Plate, Stabilizers)
  • Type-C Cable
  • 1*Keycap Puller
  • 1*Switch Puller


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