FirstBlood B9 Keycaps

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FirstBlood B9 Keycaps Set

Introducing the FirstBlood B9 Keycaps set, perfect for those looking to upgrade their keyboard setup. Manufactured from PC transparent material and thickened to an ergonomic SA profile, this exquisite set of 9 keycaps offers a luxurious aesthetic touch.

Transparent PC Material

The FirstBlood B9 Keycaps are a great addition to any keyboard setup. They are made from a transparent polycarbonate material, offering a unique shine-through look with an ultra-durable construction. The keycaps are ideal for gamers who want to upgrade their keyboard look and feel.

Ergonomic SA Profile

The B9 Keycaps are ergonomically designed and SA profile, giving users a comfortable typing experience. Utilizing superior craftsmanship and smooth surface coating, these keycaps provide a great feel and responsiveness, making typing and gaming easier and more enjoyable.

Fashionable Box of 9 Keycaps

Durably made and presented in an exquisite box, these keycaps will enhance the look and feel of your setup. Make a statement with the FirstBlood B9 Keycaps!

Technical Specifications

FirstBlood B9
Transparent PC
Number of Keycaps
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