KiiBOOM Ice Cream Dream Keycaps


132 Keys MOA Profile PBT Full Keycaps Set

  • MOA profile
  • Durable PBT Material
  • Pastel-colored ice cream-inspired design
  • Compatible with 60%/65%/75%/TKL/Full-Size/1800 keyboards





The Birth of Ice Cream Dreams Keycap

In the heart of KiiBOOM's innovative lab, where imagination meets craftsmanship, a delightful idea was born— why not turn the magic of summer days and joy-filled ice cream outings into a tangible experience? Inspired by the spirit of youth and the delicious swirls of ice cream cones, our Ice Cream Dreams Keycap was crafted.

Capturing the Essence of Ice Cream Bliss

Picture it: a blazing summer day. The kind where the air is thick, and the only refuge is the tantalizing promise of a frosty ice cream cone. As you take your first lick, the world seems to fade away, leaving just you, the refreshing taste, and a moment of pure bliss. Now, imagine capturing that essence and infusing it into your daily tech routine. This is what our keycap promises.

A Symphony of Colors and Textures

Colored with a pastel harmony of pinks and blues, it paints a dreamy picture reminiscent of strawberry and blueberry scoops. And within its MOA height lies a mesmerizing dance of fluid, much like melted ice cream, that swirls and twirls as your fingers dance over the keys. Each press is not just tactile; it's an experience—a flashback to those carefree days.

Embracing Personal Flair in Technology

But it's not just about beauty and nostalgia. The keycap exemplifies KiiBOOM's dedication to individuality. We believe that every individual deserves a touch of uniqueness, a dash of personal flair in their tech world. This isn't just a keycap; it's a statement. A statement that says, "I am unique. I am fun. I am nostalgic.”

Merging Quality with Whimsical Design

In line with KiiBOOM’s ethos, this keycap serves as a testament to our commitment to merging unparalleled quality with whimsical design. It’s not just about pressing keys; it’s about cherishing moments, reviving memories, and making every keystroke a journey back to those sweet summer days.

So, let your fingers take a trip down memory lane and feel the cool, sweet embrace of summer with every tap. Dive into the Ice Cream Dreams by KiiBOOM. The sweetest escape for your keyboard. 🍦✨

  • A Set of KiiBOOM Ice Cream Dream keycaps

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