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Ergo Alice Layout: A Revolution in Comfort

The Ajazz AKS068 Pro Alice reimagines ergonomic design with its innovative 65% Ergo Alice Layout. Split into two intuitive halves, each perfectly contoured for natural hand placement, it transforms typing into a comfortable and efficient experience. Unique features like the singular B key and split spacebar are tailored for balance and ease.

Advanced Gasket Mount: Silenced Elegance

Experience the next level of typing bliss with the Ajazz AKS068 Pro's gasket mount system. This innovative design allows the keyboard to float within the case, eliminating the need for screws and offering a uniform typing feel. Coupled with acoustic-dampening materials like silicone and cotton foam, every keystroke becomes a whisper-soft delight.

Radiant South-Facing LED RGB Backlight

Illuminate your workspace with the Ajazz AKS068 Pro's south-facing LED RGB backlight, boasting 18 mesmerizing light effects.

Triple Connectivity Modes

Versatility at its finest - the Ajazz AKS068 Pro offers seamless switching between Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz wireless connections. With a 10-meter range and a robust 3000 mAh battery, it's built for both mobility and endurance.

NKRO & Premium PVC Type-C Cable

The Ajazz AKS068 Pro doesn't compromise on performance. Featuring lubed plate-mounted stabilizers for customization ease and NKRO for conflict-free multi-key inputs, it's a powerhouse of functionality. The included 1.6m PVC Type-C cable ensures a reliable and stylish connection for all your computing needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Fragile Board

Despite its affordability, the keyboard seems rather fragile. After fitting the key switches and keycaps, I encountered issues with about four keys not being recognized. Additionally, the right space key exhibited a peculiar response, akin to pressing multiple keys simultaneously. While reseating the switches resolved these problems, there were instances where surrounding keys came loose and stopped registering as well.

It would have been preferable for the board to be sturdier, even if it meant a slightly higher price. However, the typing experience, including keypress feel and sound, is excellent. Furthermore, the ability to change keyboard layouts via VIA is incredibly convenient.