Gateron Ink Switch Set

Original 15 Pieces Gateron Ink Switch Set for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement

    Five options of Gateron Mechanical Switches with different features
    Suitable for customised keyboards
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Why Gateron Switches?

It feature exceptional smoothness. But that doesn't mean Gateron switches are only for typing. It comes in a variety of five options, each with different attributes. Gamers are just as in love with these Gateron mechanical switches which are responsive, smooth and budget friendly. It covers all your needs and feel free to choose it.

Gateron Ink Switches

Gateron Ink Switch is inspired by Chinese traditional ink. The shaft is solid with color, and the outer shell is made of colorful transparent material, like a drop of thick ink dripping into water. The colorful shaft is wrapped with black-plates springs and metal shrapnel, which is hazy and graceful at the same time.

Make the Switch

Manufactured with clear casings, Gateron Ink Switches have become one of the most sought after names in the keyboard community. Gateron Switches use copper contact leafs and soft plastic stems, making for an unparalleled, smooth typing experience. 

Build Quality

Based on enlarged stem post, the Gateron Ink switches ensure the switch stem to be more stable, reducing wobbliness and increasing switch thickness. Pre-lubed and automatical oiling increases self-lubricating performance, which generally improves the smoothness, stability and life span of the switch.

Custom Your Keyboard

Whether you prefer something heavy and tactile, or lightweight and linear, you can simply switch out the original switches with this replacement set. We offer the Ink Clear Black, Ink Clear Red, Ink Clear Blue, Ink Clear Yellow and Ink Clear Silent Black switch. Choose either one you prefer and remake your keyboard!



-The Gateron Ink Clear Black switch gives a linear sensation and firm sound, with a smooth and stable bump and quick rebound with each press to ensure every keystroke is on point. 


-The Gateron Ink Clear Red switch is a linear switch that presses smoothly down without any bump or click in between presses. This also means a much quieter typing sound that is perfect for the office workspace. 


-The Gateron Ink Clear Blue switch gives a tactile sensation and sound, with a noticeable bump with each press to ensure every keystroke is on point. 


-The Gateron Ink Clear Yellow switch is with quick and light response. The special dust-proof feature ensures long-term and stable performance of the switches. It is a perfect match to enhance your performance in the working or gaming environment.


Technical Specifications

Switch type
Ink Clear Black, Ink Clear Red, Ink Clear Blue, Ink Clear Yellow and Ink Clear Silent Black available
Number of switches
15 pieces
Inside the box
  • 15 Pieces of Gateron Ink Switches

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