• Update #2: We Need Your Voices on TH66 Groupbuy Campaign

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    Dear Supporters, Wish you all having a nice day! We are happy to bring the good news today -  all the group buy orders of TH66 (except for the orders that contain other back-ordered items) have been shipped! You might have received the tracking information already. The package is expected to arrive at your place in 7-20 days depending on your location.  As this...
  • Update #1: TH66 Groupbuy Campaign Shipping Date

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    Dear Supporters, Thanks so much for supporting the Epomaker TH66 Group Buy Campaign! With the campaign coming to an end, the price will be resumed to the retailing price. This is our first Group Buy (GB) campaign, and as you can see, it's not a very big campaign joined by many backers. Some might wonder if the GB has reached the goal for production...
  • EPOMAKER TH66 Timeline

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    What's Group Buy? A Group Buy (or GB) is a term widely used in the keyboard community, which is super similar to crowdfunding. This is a process in that each customer unites together and uses the collective buying power to purchase goods at a reduced price or at all. A GB usually starts with an idea, and the creator often posts the idea (and...
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