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Update #1: TH66 Groupbuy Campaign Shipping Date

by Freya Tong on Mar 07, 2022

Dear Supporters,

Thanks so much for supporting the Epomaker TH66 Group Buy Campaign!

With the campaign coming to an end, the price will be resumed to the retailing price.

This is our first Group Buy (GB) campaign, and as you can see, it's not a very big campaign joined by many backers. Some might wonder if the GB has reached the goal for production and shipment. However, we would like to announce that we will still get the GB into the normal process as per the announced schedule.

Another good news is that we can bring the shipment date forward to this 8th March! Since this small campaign's data (i.e SKU, shipment arrangement, etc.) is not very complex, we are ahead of schedule to submit an order to the factory and the whole process has been slightly speeded up. If your order contains other items that are backordered, it will be shipped when the items are restocked. For orders placed with the express shipment, you can expect to receive the product in around 7-10 days after receiving the tracking number. For standard shipment, it is expected to arrive in 14-20 days after receiving the tracking.

Thanks again for joining this journey with us! As this is our first Group Buy campaign, we still have a lot to explore with you. What kind of features do you value the most for your keyboard? Which case materials, keycaps, or switches do you like the most? Have you been eyeing an ergo mechanical keyboard and would you like to try one? We want to know more of your thoughts! Tell us, and allow us to fulfill your wishes!

Don't be hesitated to join our Discord and Facebook Group, share your voices with us, and meet mechanical keyboard enthusiasts like you!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CNgsdua

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539933593385734



Epomaker Team

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