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(Image credit: Антон Королев)
'Epomaker сделали удобную универсальную клавиатуру, которую можно использовать со всеми девайсами в доме. Кроме компьютера, я часто набираю текст на айпаде и NT68 в этом очень помогает. Конечно, можно подключить любую беспроводную клавиатуру, но тогда часть функций не будет работать, ведь клавиатура будет заточена под Windows. '
English translation for reference only: 
'Epomaker has made a convenient universal keyboard that can be used with all the devices in the house. In addition to the computer, I often type text on the iPad and NT68 helps a lot with this. Of course, you can connect any wireless keyboard, but then some of the functions will not work, because the keyboard will be sharpened for Windows.'
by Anton Korolev
on Dec. 2nc, 2021
(Image credit: Gamewave)
'Finalement, bien que le clavier soit assez simpliste, autant sur la configuration que les touches à la volée disponible, tout son éclat est fait par le rendu RGB. En effet, avec des lettres de touches transparentes, associées à la magnifique colorimétrie proposée par les LED du constructeur, le clavier change tout bonnement d'aspect dès lors qu'ils sont activés. L'ensemble est fluide, agréable et éclatant pour un périphérique qui ne manquera pas de charisme sur votre bureau.'
English translation for reference only: 
'Finally, although the keyboard is quite simplistic, both in terms of the configuration and the available on-the-fly keys, all its brilliance is made by the RGB rendering. Indeed, with transparent key letters, associated with the magnificent colorimetry offered by the manufacturer's LEDs, the keyboard simply changes appearance when they are activated. The whole is smooth, pleasant and bright for a device that will not lack charm on your desk.'
on Dec. 21st, 2021
(Image credit: Christopher Coke)
'The Epomaker Lite offers a smooth, dampened typing experience thanks to its silicone mat and gasket implementation. There isn’t much flex in actual typing but the silicone pad and tiny amount of give with the shallow gasket structure does make typing feel very soft under the finger. The stock stabilizers are also pretty good and are factory lubed out of the box. The stabilizer needed a bit more grease on the wires but the modifiers were in good shape. '
By Christopher Coke
on Dec. 21st, 2021
(Image credit: Krista Noren)
'Another part about this keyboard that I'm fond of is the dampening foam. This has been a sticking point with a lot of boards from this brand in the past--the loudness factor has always been pretty high on these, even by clacky mechanical keyboard standards. Here, though, the Lite with linear red switches is quite to type on, with nice medium pitched clacks on each press, and just like the gasket, it's done nicely, because there's zero hollowness and the keys are evenly quieted across each of the 61 keys. '
By Krista Noren
on Dec. 27th, 2021


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