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GK108S Kit
(Image credit: VSG)
'The plate is powdercoated white on a steel base and only held in place with some screws. This allows for modding the plate color or even switching to a different plate should you be enterprising enough. Foam support under the space bar key dampens the keystroke there, and this is also the best time to take a look at the 5-pin hot-swap switch socket. It increases compatibility with Cherry MX-style mechanical switches, be it the 3-pin or 5-pin variety. Plate-mounted stabilizers with plenty of lube are used. '
by VSG
on Nov. 16th, 2021
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

'...the electro-capacitive switches provide a very delicate but satisfying feel when bottomed out, and the build quality is fantastic. On the outside, the keyboard also looks charmingly vintage with its white, laser-engraved PBT keycaps with grey accents surrounded by a somewhat coarse plastic case.  '
by Myles Goldman
on Nov. 28th, 2021
(Image credit: Christopher Coke)
'The Akko MOD003 hits almost all of the right notes. If it supported screw-in stabilizers, QMK, and was less hollow out of the box, it would be out of this world. But, it’s currently doing something very few other boards are doing with its layout and mounting style combination, and it’s doing so at an affordable price. If you’re willing to do a few mods, like swapping out case foam, you can elevate this keyboard further, but it offers an out of the box experience that other brands could learn from.'
by Christopher Coke
on Nov. 1st, 2021
(Image credit: Christopher Coke)
'Another interesting feature is its tri-mode connectivity. The keyboard supports a wired connection via USB Type-C (which is what you;ll have to use to program the keyboard with the Akko Cloud Driver software). In addition, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 across three devices when the wire is disconnected. You can swap between devices on the fly with a quick Fn key combination. Changing devices does take a second, but it's only a second ... For gamers, I was also very happy to see that the keyboard supports 2.4GHz wireless using an included USB dongle. This allows the keyboard to connect with a 1ms response time, putting it on par with most wired gaming keyboards.'
by Christopher Coke
on Nov. 12th, 2021
(Image credit: VSG)
'Flipping the kit around, we see more of the translucent acrylic in play. This will no doubt make for a bright light show, especially with what appear to be several additional side-mounted RGB LEDs. There are six rubber pads, with three larger ones at the top for keyboard elevation in the absence of feet and three smaller circular pads at the bottom. The middle pad at the top is far more substantial than any on keyboards in general; this kit isn't moving around anytime soon. ... On the bottom right is the Akko logo along with the ACR 81 name, so if this isn't soon changed to ACR 75, early adopters may get a one-off production run unit. '
by VSG
on Nov. 20th, 2021


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