Keyboard Buying Guide at Epomaker - What keyboard can I get with $100?

Keyboard Buying Guide at Epomaker - What keyboard can I get with $100?

によって Freya Tong オン Nov 21, 2022

As a peripheral device of computer, keyboards can be the most the most interactive tool that we communicate with the computer. For years, mechanical keyboards have been deemed as the exclusive device for gaming, however, they are also praised as a great typing machine for enhancing typing experience. Now we are going to recommend some budget mechanical keyboards with powerful functions at Epomaker.


75% Keyboards

Epomaker TH80 - $99.99

Instead of a compact 75% keyboard, Epomaker TH80 is an exploded one that has gained innumerable admirers. Apart from the layout, the keyboard is gasket-like mount, which is a good way to increase the typing sound and feel. If you still want to create a more pleasing acoustic sound from this keyboard, you can do many mods to it: tape mod, add another layer of cotton, or lube the stabilizers. Many people like the convenience to change the volume by the rotary knob on the board, which is very essential for watching or editing videos. It is also convenient to use because it can be connected by 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless mode, and keys including the knob can also be remapped in the supportive software. It’s a powerful keyboard with most-wanted features in one!

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Epomaker EP75 - $99.99

Another exploded 75% keyboard with more keys on the right side is also popular among typists, if the volume knob can be skipped. Epomaker EP75 is as such type. Rather than setting the necessary indicator under certain keys, the EP75 has added a battery indicator light, which does not affect the backlights at all. It is still equipped with triple-mode chips to be connected by 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless mode. The lighting system adds side light diffuser to make the keyboard glowing on the desktop. To support the lighting system under the wireless mode, the EP75 carries a large battery of 10000mAh, so that the keyboard can last longer under the wireless mode, even with RGB lights on! It’s such a great choice among gaming keyboards!

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Epomaker EP84 Wired only $85-$87

Epomaker EP84 Triple Mode $99.99


Epomaker EP84 is a traditional compact 75% layout, which was adopted by laptops for its compatibility. The EP84 is hot-swapple, and that means you don’t need to de-solder and solder to change the switches. By simply pulling them out with the switch puller and installing the wanted ones on, you just customize your own keyboard that suits your typing habit. 12 types of RGB effects on EP84 also add fun to the keyboard. The EP84 Triple-mode version adds the wireless connectivity of 2.4G & Bluetooth 5.0, and more colored-theme keycaps for different scenarios.

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SKYLOONG GK75 Wired only- $59.99

SKYLOONG GK75 Triple Mode - Now from $99.99 $89.99

 Skyloong GK75

Skyloong GK75 is an exploded 75% keyboard that comes with a rotary metal knob. The wired version is equipped with optical switches, and it is hot-swappable with the 1-pin optical switches only. This is good news for those who have been benefit from the optical switches in other layouts and still want to change into a 75% one. It includes main features that other SK keyboards have - programmable with Win/Mac OS, editable for 3 layers. With the silicone gasket pad, it’s upgraded to the lite-gasket mount, the same as the recent Skyloong Lite series does.

The GK75 Triple-mode version comes with more compatibility, such as being hot-swappable for 5-pin mechanical switches and knob modules - yes, you can even change the knob’s position if you don’t like it in the top right corner. There are 6 sockets available for changing in the assembled keyboard. Each knob can also be remapped in the supportive software.

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65% Keyboards

Epomaker TH66 - $89.99

Epomaker TH66

Epomaker TH66 is an exploded 65% keyboard with a removable metal knob. In the same series as TH80, it is gasket-like mount, south-facing LED (the top row is north-facing though), tree ways of connectivity in type-C & 2.4Ghz & Bluetooth 5.0, programmable in the supportive driver, etc. It can also be modded easily to suit different typing needs. The MDA-V2 Monet keycaps have rounded edges, which makes the typing experience enjoyable. 

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Mechlands MC66 - $99.99


Mechlands MC66 is also an exploded 65% triple-connectivity keyboard that comes with a rotary metal knob. Unlike TH66 in gasket-like mount, MC66 is bottom-mounted, a way to avoid the plate being displaced. This keyboard stands out both visually and acoustically: to present a better display of RGB lighting, the keyboard comes with translucent case and keycaps; there are two layers of silicone pads placed respectively in the bottom and under the plate for sound absorption. It greatly reduces hollow sound and provides a solid and smooth tying experience.

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Epomaker TK68 - $85.99

Aiming to be a portable keyboard, Epomaker TK68 has three ways of connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz and Type-C cable. In another way, the keyboard is with layered acrylic case, in which we can also see the gaskets. Thanks to the flexible PC plate, every key stroke is soft and re-bouncing, which greatly uplifts the typing experience to a new level. To accommodate the RGB lighting system into dark gaming environment, the keyboard is equipped with the legend-shine-through pudding keycaps. You can even lighten up the desk by waking up the keyboard!

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Epomaker Skyloong SK68 - $79

Epomaker Skyloong SK68S - $89

Skyloong SK68

Epomaker Skyloong SK68 is a compact 65% keyboard that includes powerful features, such as hot-swappable (for 1-pin optical switches only), groovy RGB backlights, editable three layers in the supportive software, compatible with Mac/Win/Linux/iOS... The SK68S adds the wireless module so that the keyboard can be connected via the latest Bluetooth 5.1. The battery life in the wireless version, however, may run fast because it is equipped with a 1900mAh battery. It can still last for a few days with the RGB lights off under the wireless mode. The PBT keycaps on the keyboard are durable and oil-free, to keep the legends fading. Apart from the solid material in the keycaps, there are secondary functions printed on the keycaps, so that you don’t have to keep the manual around to find the Fn shortcuts.

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Akko 3068B - $95.99

 akko 3068b

Akko 3068B keyboards in both Black-Pink and Black-Cyan color schemes are popular for their simplistic design. The Akko 3068B is a compact 65% keyboard with RGB backlights, which gives more fun for gaming atmosphere. The keyboard is hotswapple for 5-pin mechanical switches and it includes the Akko Jelly switches that are with transparent housing to be backlights-friendly. What’s more, the keyboard can be connected by three ways: Type-C cable, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4Ghz dongle. These increased functions are perfect for a 65% compact keyboard to be a portal one. Going out with the Akko 3068B will just light up your trip!

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60% Keyboards


Epomaker Mini Cat 64 - Prebuilt $99.99; Barebones Kit $74.99

When it comes to cats, who would resist this cute little animal? Just like the name, Mini Cat 64 is a compact 64-key keyboard in cat-shape! The case is stacked by acrylic layers so the whole keyboard can be shine-through. The 64-key layout is 60% that shortens the shift key to stuff the arrow keys and it remains the necessary keys in daily use. The keyboard is programmable in VIA for remapping, creating macros and changing layouts to fit different typing habits. Mini Cat 64 comes in pre-built keyboards and barebones kits. The assembled keyboards are equipped with PBT keycaps in the ergonomic MDA profile and the favored custom Epomaker switches. By the way, the artisan keycaps of Epomaker Cat Paws and Butts are perfect for this keyboard!

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SK61/SK61S, GK61X/GK61XS - From $69

SK61/SK61S, GK61X/GK61XS from Skyloong are standard 60% keyboards that remain the alphas and necessary modifiers in the original sizes. The SK61/SK61S, like the same models in the same series, are hot-swap in 1-pin optical switches only; while the GK61X/GK61XS hot-swap with 5-pin mechanical switches. What’s more, the GK61X/GK61XS even comes with replaceable split space bars, leaving more room for customization, as the keyboard is programmable in the supportive driver. The wireless version is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 to ensure fast and stable connection. As compact keyboards, this series can also be portal ones. Taking your tablets to a trip with the portal keyboard, you can just enjoy the typing experience like at home.

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Compact Keyboards with A Numpad


SK71/SK71S - From $89.00

The SK71/SK71S from Skyloong is like 64-keyboards in keycap size that has shortened the length of shift keys and skips some keys that are not commonly used. The most distinct appearance is that it has a numpad on the right side. This keyboard is a perfect choice for those who are used to compact keyboards and still need a numpad. You can also remap the keys in the proprietary driver if you cannot get used to this layout. The keyboard is also hot-swappable for 1-pin optical switches. You can always change the optical switches at will when you are tired of the typing feel that come with the keyboard.

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Epomaker Mini Cat 69 - $84.99

Mini Cat 69

Mini Cat 69 is an extension from the Mini Cat 64 with a numpad in the keyboard, so it still has the cat-shaped stacked acrylic layers as the case. Like other compact boards with numpad, Mini Cat 69 also skips some keys and shortens the shift keys to make way for the numpad. The keyboard also comes with split space bars in 2.25u and 2.75u to make up for the missing keys. It may still sound like an anti-human layout but luckily, the keyboard still supports VIA programming. So, you can always remap the keys in the VIA to customize a layout that suits your typing habits.

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Ajazz AK692 - $55.99

The Ajazz AK692 keyboard retains the most commonly-used keys for those who are inclined to a compact keyboard to save more space on the desk. The keyboard houses 69 keys, including arrow keys to avoid mistyping and a numpad for convenience. The keycap on the keyboard are ABS with shine-through legends to match the RGB backlights. It still has three connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and Type-C.

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Choosing a keyboard is actually very subjective and even personal: some may fall into one keyboard because of the outstanding design, while some others would be prone to listen to sound tests to determine if they like the keyboard or not. However, the price can be the key to unlock more keyboards for many people. We hope that this buying guide for keyboards under $100 would be helpful for you to shop at Epomaker!