2021 May Epomaker Keyboard Review: AK84, AK84S, B21, HS84

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“It's hard to treat the Epomaker AK84S as a single keyboard since it is an entire collection of several permutations and combinations of pre-built keyboard kits.” ... “I have been a fan of the Skyloong kits that Epomaker sells, including the GK96LS and GK68XS we saw before. So when I found out about an 80%, 84-key offering coming out, I was intrigued. Then Epomaker upped the ante by throwing in not one, but two new things beyond the already extensive list of options with the three case types, hot-swappable switches, ABS and PBT keycaps of different colors and designs, and the excellent wired/wireless connectivity from the GK96LS.”

by VSG

on May 25th, 2021

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“The Epomaker B21 targets a completely different market compared to the AK84S, with lots of glitz and a cute appeal foremost. Lots of comparisons have already been made to the Etch A Sketch toy, and the retro design coupled with the smaller form factor, plastic buttons above the mechanical keyboard, two knobs, and glossy plastic finish to the case makes it seem like a toy, too.”

by VSG

on May 25th, 2021

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Photo cr: IBTimes / Jeff Li


“The Epomaker AK84S continues the winning formula that the keyboard maker has already established: excellent build, customizability, excellent software support, and great connectivity options. The 84 key layout is my personal favorite for its size and weight, especially when I want to carry the keyboard around. It's a good balance between compactness and functionality.”


By Sam Campbell  
May 19th, 2021 AT 11:34 AM


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Photo cr: John Reppion


“The combination of the transparency with the full-colour RBG lights and some really cool (and quite subtle) preset lighting settings and effects really works fantastically well. My favourite by far is the Single Key Light Up Mode where each key you press fades through three or four other colours before switching off again. I usually find reactive light effects a bit pointless and distracting but that’s definitely not the case here at all.”

By John Reppion

30 April, 2021

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